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Instrumatics - Conditions of Sale

Download our new client form which includes Conditions of Sale here


Click here to complete the application form for Instrumatics


MS Excel liquid concentrations to linear conductivity curve convertor

Conductivity can vary from one concentration to another. Download the curve which shows this variation.


VEGA - all in one Approvals and Certificates

Need a certificate for one of the VEGA level instruments? Download the full range here


CROWCON - Understanding VOC's "The real danger"

Discover how VOC's pose a real danger in many industries today


Making Personal Gas Detection Work for You

We investigate the best ways to make gas detection work in your work environment


CROWCON - Gas detection explained

A gas is a swarm of particles moving randomly and chaotically, constantly colliding with each other and the walls of any container. Read this paper to understand the chemical background, sensor types and applications for all types of gas


CROWCON - Hazardous Areas

ATEX, Hazardous Areas, Zones - all explained in one document