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Mission Statement - To be the leading supplier of premium Industrial field instrumentation to the process industries of NZ

Leading Provider of Industrial Measurement Technology

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NEW Office in Christchurch

For calibration or service work which you may require in the South Is, you can now either return your instruments or contact us directly to arrange a visit.  The office in Christchurch has a full stock of replacement parts, in addition to calibration tools and test gases.  Details can be found here -
Unit 1/32 Hayton Road
Wigram, Christchurch
Balraj Kishore will be more than happy to discuss your project -
Field Service Engineer - South Island

Instrumatics has been supplying to the process industry in New Zealand for over thirty years. In that time the company has seen and experienced many changes. Some things however have remained constant.

Instrumatics has always been committed to supplying only the highest quality products and adding value through innovative engineered solutions, backed up by outstanding customer service and support. In support of this philosophy, only the best qualified people have been and will continue to be employed. We at Instrumatics are engineered solution providers first - and salespeople second. Instrumatics hosts a wide range of quality and innovative agencies and has the intellectual property and experience required to transform these products into customer specific, tailored innovative solutions. We are willing and able to take on instrument specification, design specification, and project management responsibilities, against instrumentation performance guarantees in many cases.

Why not leave your instrumentation requirement specification, installation and commissioning in our safe hands, thus leaving you, the customer to focus on other and /or core business activities? Subsequent to installation, Instrumatics also offers a comprehensive service, calibration, repair and support portfolio, in order to maintain peak plant efficiency and minimise cost of ownership. It is important to note that all customer facing employees are qualified to tertiary level. Our combined expertise, knowledge and experience exceeds 160 Years, spanning multiple discipline, technologies and applications. Why not tap into this resource and use it to your advantage