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Infrared Temperature Measurement

Stationary pyrometer from Impac is designed for non-contact temperature measurement of non-metallic surfaces or painted, coated, or anodized metals between -20 and 600°C.
The small housing dimensions allow for easy integration of the pyrometer into compact production machines and the two-wire technique simplifies the electrical connection.

  • Install in small, harsh industrial environments
  • Use in ambient temperature up to 70°C without cooling
  • Adjust emissivity between 40 to 100%
  • Benefit from two-wire technique
  • Small spot sizes (distance ratio 15:1)
  • Suitable for the food industry

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Infrared Camera for Temperature Measurement

Mikron MCL640 High-Performance, Infrared Camera for Temperature Measurement between -40 and 1600°C

The Mikron® MCL640 is a cost-effective, high performance non-contact infrared imager that can serve a broad range of process monitoring applications including human temperature measurement for COVID-19 Requirements.

The unique design produces superior images and temperature measurement (±2°C). It offers an unmatched array of protective accessories, including wide-angle and telephoto lenses, industrial and hazardous area enclosures, pan-tilt positioner, I/O modules, and process control and automation software.

  • Operate in harsh environments
  • Obtain the best view with five standard lens options
  • Enable superior image quality and temperature measurement for longwave applications
  • Benefit from an unmatched array of protective accessories
  • Take advantage of unparalleled accuracy
  • Maintenance-free electronics
  • Industrial protective packaging
  • Long-term trouble-free process monitoring
  • Measures temperature ranges -40 to 120°C and 0 to 500°C, and the HT version measures 200 to 1600°C
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