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The SEM1000 loop isolator is an ideal solution to overcome ground loops. Designed to be series connected into a new or existing (4 to 20) mA current loop and provide an isolated (4 to 20) mA signal capable of driving into 300 ohm. The output is powered from the input loop.

The SEM1015 is a (4 to 20) mA loop powered isolator that can be configured to accept  voltages between -10 and 100V DC. The voltage range can be specified at time of order, but if required the user may re-range the transmitter to a new range.

The SEM1020 is a loop isolator designed to provide extra drive capability from an existing current loop. It requires power supply connections on both the input and output terminals. If true isolation is to be maintained, the two power supplies used must be fully isolated from each other. The input circuitry only drops 2.7 V from the existing current loop and providing a 24 V isolated power supply is used on the output side, the isolator will drive up to 900 ohms.

The SEM1200 is a current loop splitter that provides two isolated (4 to 20) mA passive outputs from a single passive (4 to 20) mA input.The output loops must be powered externally.

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ACROMAG Isolators & Splitters

Acromag offers the industry's best selection of isolators. Dozens of models are now available to meet your needs. Select from single, dual, and quad-channel models with AC, DC, or loop-powered operation. Signal splitters deliver dual outputs from a single source. And whether you need a unit that sinks or sources current, Acromag has the right solution for you.

Optical or galvanic isolation eliminate ground loop errors, reduce noise, and block high voltage transient surges. All Acromag isolators will withstand 1500V AC for 60 seconds and provide continuous 250V AC or 354V DC common-mode protection of your precious equipment.

Our multi-channel modules reduce costs and save space. Models with push-button calibration simplify installation and maintenance tasks. Units with trim pots ship preset for 4-20mA input/output so field calibration is not required. Series 630T models offer isolated 24V DC excitation on inputs to power your two-wire transmitters.

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