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Temperature data loggers are used in manufacture, storage, distribution and built environments to keep track of comfort conditions in buildings, offices and schools. Logger options are available for all industry applications:

The TempMate single use temperature data loggers are our lowest cost option, requiring no software to read the data. Just insert in to the USB slot of the computer and access the PDF file just like a conventional memory stick. 

The SL50 series are miniature temperature data loggers that are incredibly small being only 17mm in diameter and 6mm thick. They can record from -40°C to +140°C with accuracies up to ±0.14°C

Many are single channel temperature data loggers but some, like the SL7000 series and the SL2100, can be configured to accept multiple temperature sensors of different types. 

SpYdaq is a low cost, wireless temperature data logging solution and provides almost real-time information as well as traditional data logger functionality. The SpYdaq system will also generate SMS / Text or email alarms and can be used in a wide range of applications including monitoring room temperature, warehouse temperature, ovens and even -80°C freezers. 

Data Loggers are ideal for connecting up to flowmeters. Those with a pulse input are better suited to measuring flow as they are recording all the time so you do not miss peak flow rates. The SL7000 series data loggers have a pulse input that will accept a volt free contact or transistor output from a flowmeter and allow you to log flow rates automatically.

TempIT (pronounced "temp it") data logger software is our own platform for configuring and analysing data from many of our data logger products. The TempIT software is incredibly easy to use yet very powerful. 

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