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Customized Panels

Microprocessor-based programmable control panels for the processing industry are unique to the industrial world and feature unique technology. Panels are available as either standard or customized forms and can be purchased as per client requirements.

Experienced staff will ensure that panels are 100% compatible with current PLC or process requirements.  Panels are compatible with all standard supply and has logic control inputs for remote control of user pre-programmed functions (of any Network communication form required).  Designed exclusively for automation panel (PLC-based) control.  Include good display and control systems for ease of use and maintenance.

Products supplied are for Special Purpose Applications (SPA), or for panels which have been supplied previously for common process requirements.  

SPA products are unique, so we ensure extra care is taken to understand customer requirements when designing custom ordered control panels.  This provides the ability for us to develop the most suitable control panel accordingly.  When designing, we consider all aspects, such as -

Approval requirements for Starter Panel

Power Control



Control functionalities


Input/Output requirements

Requirement for Mobile links to control processes

External web browser login

Need for Touch-screen or low-cost button controls

Special instrumentation for various process needs

Panels meet Quality and Safety standards

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