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Magnum Pro Calibration Pumps

Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Vacuum Calibration Pumps

The Magnum Pro range of pumps produce pneumatic pressure and vacuum to check calibration of gauges, switches, transmitters, and recorders. The contoured cushioned handles provide extra comfort while preventing the pump from sliding. The over-sized check valve provides smooth operation throughout the output range while the dual o-rings on all pistons ensure zero leakage. Patented Mash proof vent valve comes standard on all MVP-600s (No Needle Valve) and a non-oil based lubricant is used on all moving parts.
Vacuum pumps are capable of extremely high resolution ( up to 0.0001 psi) as they span the range of near absolute vacuum to low pressures (30" Hg - 80 PSI).
Hydraulic pumps offer quick priming, easy pumping, and fast pressure generation up to 10,000 psi (700 bar).

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