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Oxygen Analysers

The ability to develop and offer electrochemical sensor based oxygen analyzers for measurements ranging from less than one PPB to 100% pure oxygen establishes Analytical Industries Inc. as unique in the global marketplace. Recently, new detectors and related analyzers for measuring other gases such as carbon monoxide, combustibles, carbon dioxide, helium and hydrogen sulfide have been added to the company’s ever growing product line. Analytical Industries Inc. have introduced the only real advancements in electrochemical galvanic sensor technology in decades. 

Analytical Industries Inc. developed an innovative solution termed the Pico-Ion oxygen sensor which represents a significant improvement over traditional sensors because of its high performance, reliability, lack of maintenance requirements which makes it a cost effective alternative to existing galvanic sensors and coulametric wet cells. 

Yet another innovation that differentiates us from the competition is the introduction of the first electrochemical sensor based oxygen purity analyzer. This unique analyzer is capable of analyzing 100% oxygen on a suppressed range of 90-100% continuously for two years with greater stability and a significant cost savings when compared to traditional paramagnetic analyzers. 

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