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Precision Mass Flow Measurement

The Gas-SelectX® gas selection feature from Fox Thermal is light years ahead of the competition with accuracy far superior to selection systems offered by our competitors. Changing gas composition in the field with Gas-SelectX® provides unmatched convenience. 

Mass Flow Meters are used in light and heavy industrial, process heating and commercial facilities, upstream, midstream and downstream Oil & Gas and Wastewater operations. Fox meters measure gas flow rates in mass (Kg/Hr, Lb/Hr) or standardized volumetric units (MSCFD, SCFM). Fox meters can measure virtually any gas flow in a wide variety of applications. Today, almost any facility will have one or more combustion processes such as a boiler, process heater or flare. Measurement of gases to these processes can be used to improve combustion efficiencies, utilities accounting and regulator reporting.

There are two types of Fox meters: insertion and inline. Insertion will work in the vast majority of applications, but when the pipe diameter is less than 1.5 inches (37mm), install an inline version. 

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Fox Thermal Model FT1 Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter​

The Fox FT1 is the winner of the 2015 Flow Control Innovation Award and the 2015 Processing Breakthrough Product Award.

The Model FT1 is a multiple award winner due to its innovative design elements such as the DDC-Sensor™ technology platform that allows it to operate using the Gas-SelectX® gas menu selection tool.

The Model FT1 measures gas flow rate in standard units (SCFM, NM³/hr, LBS/HR, Kg/Hr & many more) without the need for temperature and pressure compensation.

A free software tool – FT1 View™ - is available for the Model FT1 that allows the user to connect to and configure the FT1 using a PC or laptop.

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