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Micronics Open Channel Flowmeters

Irregular, open channel flow measurement solution with data logger and no need for flumes or weirs

For part filled pipe and open channel monitoring
2 million point logger option and software
Streamlined sensor for invasive measurement
Monitor flows through partially full pipes, open channels or irregular channel
Eliminates the need for flumes or weirs
Automatic temperature compensation
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Ultrasonic, non-contact,  Open Channel, flow measurement, accuratly measures flow through flumes and weirs

For open channel monitoring
Versatile choice of channel types
Password protected
USB output to flash drives
2 million point logger
Windows software
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Portable instrument for open channel and part filled pipe flow measurement and logging

Compact, rugged, water tight, dustproof
Up to 4 years logging from Alkaline “D” cells
Free on-board Windows compatible analysis software
Large capacity memory store & USB data download
For part filled pipe and open channel monitoring
Built in display
Long term datalogging capability
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Flow-rate in open channels


Heavily polluted wastewater is in many cases transported to the treatment plant via open channels. Measurement of the wastewater quantities entering the treatment plant is the basis for calculation of its operating costs.

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The VEGAPULS WL 61 is the ideal sensor for all applications in water and sewage water applications. It is particularly suitable for use in water processing, pump stations as well as overflow basins, for flow measurement in open flumes and gauge monitoring. The VEGAPULS WL 61 is an economical solution through versatile and simple mounting options. The flood-proof IP 68 housing ensures a maintenance-free permanent operation. Optionally with integrated Bluetooth module for wireless communication via smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Measured value indication, simple control functions, remote enquiry of measured data. optimized for water/sewage water industry

The VEGAMET 391 signal conditioning instrument powers any 4 … 20 mA/HART sensor, processes and displays the measured values. The VEGAMET 391 is perfectly suitable for simple control tasks in level, gauge and process pressure measurements as well as for inventory management (VMI) and remote enquiry. Comprehensive adjustment functions allow individual adaptations to the respective application. In the water/sewage water industry, the instrument impresses with special functions such as pump switching-over, flow volume measurement, tendency functions and totalizer. 

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