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Alicat Scientific Mass Flowmeters

Fast mass flow controllers and meters make process control and calibration processes more efficient. Alicat offers many ways to customize your gas flow meter or controller for use in low pressure drop, high pressure or corrosive applications. Standard features include real-time readings, fast valve response and multi-gas calibration. Most models can be customized for flow rates as high as 5000 slpm or as low as 2.5 sµlm/0.0025 sccm.


Mass flow controllers reach their setpoints faster than any others, which enables them to suppress fluctuations in line pressure before they affect your process downstream. Customized valve options and factory PID tuning ensure that your MFC will perform well in your specific application.
The MC series is our standard mass flow controller, with models that can measure flow rates as high as 5000 slpm or as low as 0.0025 sccm. Choose an MCQ when your line pressures are high (145-305 psig). The MCW series is best for low pressure drop applications.


Gas mass flow meters from Alicat are highly flexible instruments that can be used with many gases across a very wide range. Measure mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature in a compact device that will be the star of your lab.
The M series is suitable for most flow measurement applications, with models that can measure flow rates as high as 5000 slpm or as low as 0.0025 sccm. Choose an MQ when your line pressures are high (145-305 psig). The MW series is best for low pressure drop applications

Portable Flowmeters

Portable flow meters make system checks, calibrations and audits fast and easy. All portable flow instruments offer laboratory-grade accuracy and multivariate readings that update 1000 times a second. The AFS is a transfer standard that features our highest accuracy calibration, humidity compensation, averaged readings and on-board data logging.

Multi-directional gas flow controllers

Multi-directional mass flow controllers consolidate into one instrument what would otherwise require two or three separate devices. When you need to control flow in two directions, choose the world’s first bidirectional mass flow controller, Alicat’s MCD series. This versatile instrument can control flow into a closed volume and then control flow in the other direction to exhaust the volume. Or, you can use vacuum to control your process flow in one direction and then apply positive pressure to purge the line in the other direction.

Liquid flow

Liquid flow controllers and meters offer accurate flow measurement and stable control for water or other liquids, including methanol, iso-propanol, ethanol, ammonia, dimethylether, iso-pentane, thiophene, iso-octane or heptane. All liquid flow instruments include bleed screws for easy removal of air pockets. The LC series of liquid flow controllers features fast-acting proportional valves for control or dispensing applications.

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