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Arkon Mag Flowmeters

Arkon flowmeters continue with the philosophy of the modular design „plug and play“ keeping all its advantages with a few additional improvements to satisfy the feedback received from our distributors. It is a flexible device suitable for most applications, from the most simple ones where reading are checked visually to the most demanding, ones requiring a high technical solution such as GPRS or TCP/IP communication. The basic configuration consist on the transmitter including only display and buttons to guarantee the lowest price. Then is possible to add a widen range of modules to that basic configuration to add optional features as ouputs, communications or data-loging according each application requirements.  Features include:

Accuracy ±0.2% (0.5 to 10 m/s)of actual values
Auto cleaning electrodes Intelligent sensor design
4 electrodes: 3rd and 4th electrode for earthing and empty pipe detection
Automatic self-diagnostic tool for the sensor
Bi-directional measurement
Graphic display with 6 touch buttons included in all versions
BLUETOOTH as a communication option
TCP/IP module – Intranet use is extremely straightforward with the flowmeter having its own IP- address

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Mag B1 Battery powered

The MAGB1 is the new Arkon battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter. MAGB1offers an accuracy of ±0.5% of actual value for sizes up to 150mm and ±2% for bigger sizes. That makes it possible to install a reliable flowmeter virtually anywhere without sacrificing accuracy or performance if mains power is not available. It is powered by 2×3.6V lithium batteries placed inside the transmitter. Battery life is up to 5 years.

Communication is done via USB using MODBUS RTU protocol. Compact and remote versions are available (cable length limited to 6 meters for remote version).

  • Powered by 2×3.6V batteries placed inside the transmitter.
  • Battery life up to 5 years.
  • Battery conservation when the pipe is empty.
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