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Water Samplers

At the heart of every Aquamatic Wastewater Sampler lies the unique Aquacell Sampling Module. Incorporating a wide-bore vacuum pump sampling system this robust little module provides reliable and repeatable extraction of truly representative samples from your wastewater source

A variety of Portable and Stationary Aquacell Sampler Models are available, each configurable to your specific requirements. A wide range of Sample Collection Vessels is also available for use with the Samplers, each offering various container volumes and materials to suit most wastewater sampling applications. If you are not sure, click on 'Help Me Choose' and we will assist you in selecting the perfect Aquamatic Sampler for your application. 

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Aquacell Portable Samplers

When super-compactness combined with uncompromised sampling performance is required, the Aquacell P2-COMPACT is the perfect solution.  Ideal where using and transporting Samplers between sites or for temporary compliance purposes. The P2-COMPACT is conveniently supplied with an integrated easy clean 5 litre low profile composite Sample Container. As with every Sampler in the Aquacell range the P2-COMPACT incorporates the well proven and dependable Aquacell Module.

Incorporated within the P2-COOLBOX is a high performance passive Sample Temperature Control facility. This ensures that the collected samples are preserved at an optimal temperature (0°C to 5°C up to 5 days) whilst awaiting collection / inspection. This is particularly useful when sampling biologically active wastewater.

The Aquacell P2-COOLBOX is designed typically to operate at sites where the sampling requirement is infrequent or there is simply no power available. This high performance Portable Sampler makes a very practical alternative to installing a Stationary Sampler with Sample Temperature Control and the associated costs.

Thick wall insulation combined with sealed ‘no mess’ Cooling Elements provides for impressive sample temperature control performance. As the sample temperature control system is passive and therefore does not require any electrical power, the P2-COOLBOX’s power source (normally an Integral Battery) is required only to power the Sampling Module and therefore maximises the operating period.

The most versatile member of the Aquacell P2 Portable family, The Aquacell P2-MULTIFORM can accommodate a choice of 4 Sample Collection Vessels. Changing Sample Collection Vessels is extremely quick and simple with the Aquacell Modules 'lift-off' design

The open aluminum frame structure of the Aquacell P2-MULTIFORM provides easy visual inspection of the collected samples. Users will quickly appreciate the benefit of being able to see each sample depositing correctly into its container without having to dismantle any part of the Sampler

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