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Quadbeam Turbidity

The T30 Turbidity Meter is a unique Turbidity Meter being an In-Line process instrument, utilising four beam ratio-metric technology along with both Attenuated and 90º Scattered NIR. Making it a very reliable, accurate and repeatable instrument giving it better control in its range of measurement.

  • 0 to 50 through 0 to 1000NTU
  • Measuring range will vary according to media and particle size
  1. Four Beam Ratio-Metric Self Compensating system - reliable, repeatable, accurate signal, better control
  2. Both Attenuated and 90º Scattered Light designed to meet ISO7027
  3. Range of Sensors, a sensor to best fit your monitoring needs.
  4. Both Hygienic 3A Certified and Immersion Styles Airjet Cleaner of Immersion Style
  5. Simple User Interface, calibrate to what is being processed. Better control of your process.
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Low Range Turbidity

The TurbiTechw² LR Sensor has been specifically designed to monitor final treated, portable and filter water. The sensor is extremely sensitive and is capable of discriminating changes in Turbidity of less than 0.1 FTU. The 90º light scatter monitoring technique makes the sensor sensitive to a wide range of particle sizes, from colloidal material through to larger particles and raw waters and the large mineral particles sometimes found in distribution samples.

The TurbiTechw² LR Sensor complies with the internationally recognised ISO7027 standard for turbidity measurement. The unique sensor design captures stray light which ensures an ultra stable zero point, this is combined with an automatic self-cleaning mechanism that prevent the build up of fouling within the sample chamber. The measurement system includes a self monitoring loop that compensates for changes in optical performance.

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