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Humidity Measurement

The main fields of use for humidity measuring equipment lie in the air-conditioning (HVAC) and food industries, heating, ventilation, pharmaceutical  and applications as well as drying processes and storage. Measurement of air humidity moreover plays a key role in meteorology, while archives and museums also use data loggers or humidity measuring instruments. Apart from humidity, temperature is often also measured. Rotronic humidity measuring instruments therefore usually also measure temperature at the same time.

Status Instruments provide a range of “smart” humidity transmitter with either 1 or 2 x (4 to 20) mA two wire outputs. The products will measure humidity, temperature, dew point and delta T (the difference between dewpoint and ambient temperature) values. Using free software,  PC configuration allows you to output any of these 4 parameters onto the 4 to 20mA signal. 

Configuration is performed quickly using our new USB port driven configurator by connecting the transmitter to the configurator and following the software instructions. The software allows you to tag the device, set installation date and set output range. Either fixed ranges or your own custom ranges can be configured for all output types in °C or °F.

The 4 digit LED display option provides you with a visual indication of the process parameters, the display may be set to indicate either humidity, temperature, dew point or toggle between all three parameters.

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Status SEM160i

Low-Cost Humidity transmitter
  • Humidity, Temperature Measurement
  • (4 to 20) mA Loop-Powered Output
  • duct and Wall Mount Versions
  • Switch to select pre-stored configuration on dual-channel version
  • Direct temperature sensor measurement in ohms (Standard Thermistor Optional Pt100)
  • Single and Dual Channel Versions

The lower cost humidity and temperature transmitter SEM160i is a single/dual channel RH and temperature transmitter for industrial and BMS/HVAC applications. The unit can be supplied in single or dual-channel ( two-wire (4 to 20) mA ) versions, the single-channel version has a thermistor (optional Pt100) mounted in the sensor tip for direct temperature sensing by users.

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Status DM650HM

Humidity & Temperature Gauge With Data Logging, Alarm & Messaging
  • %rh, temperature, dew point, delta t
  • Alarm relay/user set display messaging
  • USB and NFC interface
  • Battery-powered
  • 5000 point data logger

The DM650HM humidity gauge has been designed to display % relative humidity, temperature, dew point and delta temperature, on a 6- digit LCD display. The instrument offers an advanced display mode, allowing the user to display not only process variables but one or two (1 – 32) character messages. This feature is further enhanced by the ability to split a process range into eight user-set bands, each band having independent user-selected messages. The DM650HM also has a changeover-type relay with multiple programmable options allowing the user to set a high, low or deviation alarm.  Wall and duct-mounted versions are available.

Learn about humidity sensing here

DM650HM humidity gauge also provides a powerful data-logging function. The log points can be set up to 5000 points, each
point is time and date stamped together with %RH, temperature and relay-state information.
Two methods of reading the log are available. The USB configuration reads the log and allows the user to
save to a text file. The NFC android interface allows data transfer to compatible android phones or
tablets; by using the downloadable App.

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Delta Ohm HD2301

The HD2301.0 is a portable humidity meter with a LCD display.

It measures relative humidity and temperature using combined temperature and humidity probes. Temperature only is measured by immersion, penetration, air or contact probes. The sensor can be a Pt100 or Pt1000. When the humidity/temperature combined probe is connected, the instrument calculates and displays the absolute humidity, the dew point, the partial vapour pressure.

The probes are fitted with an automatic detection module, with the factory calibration data already stored inside.

The Max, Min and Avg function calculate the maximum, minimum, and average values. Other Functions: REL, HOLD and auto power off which can be disabled. The instruments have IP67 protection degree.

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