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Dust Monitoring

In many larger or combined outlet ducts, a continuous trend measurement is preferred to get a constant reading on dust levels in the process. The Sintrol S303 monitor is equipped with a 4 - 20mA output and all the features necessary to provide the end user with a continuous output. For plants that use Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP), our Sintrol E-Spy is the industry’s only probe based monitor allowing the end user to get a continuous trend measurement in 4 - 20mA output after an ESP. The customer can learn about the efficiency of its ESP, optimize the hammering process, and make adjustments to maximize the efficiency of the filter system utilizing the Sintrol E-Spy.

In each area of the process where there is are single or multiple compartment baghouses, Sintrol Snifter Series monitors are the perfect solution to provide notification to the customer of deterioration or breakage of the filter bags. This provides early detection for the customer that excess particulate matter is in its process and releasing out of the stack. The Sintrol Snifters are largely maintenance free devices that can measure dust levels as low as 0.1 mg/m³.

Sintrol’s unique operating principle has allowed it to develop monitors that can accurately provide emissions outputs of dust concentrations in mg/m3. With monitors ranging all the way to a TÜV certified instrument, Sintrol is able to meet the needs of official stack measurements for end users. For each stack in the plant, Sintrol’s S304 and S305 monitors can be calibrated to provide readings in mg/m³ for actual emissions amounts. These virtually maintenance free monitors are a less expensive and more reliable alternative to the traditional opacity monitors that have been used historically.

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