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Hydrostatic level measurement


In hydrostatic level measurement, the measuring cell of the pressure transmitter detects even the slightest changes in hydrostatic pressure, which increases or decreases depending on the filling level. The acting pressure is converted into an electrical signal by the integrated electronics and then outputted as an output signal. Different types of measuring cells are used in level measurement based on the hydrostatic principle.


Level measurement with hydrostatics is totally unaffected by foaming or vessel installations
Ceramic measuring cells offer excellent long-term stability and high overload resistance
Metallic measuring cells also cover larger measuring ranges

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From thread ½", hygienic connections, universal connection G1" for hygiene adapter, 4 ... 20 mA, three-wire: PNP/NPN, 4 ... 20 mA, IO-Link, Ex and hygiene approval, coloured 360° switching status display

VEGABAR 28 is a universal pressure transmitter with ceramic measuring cell for measurement of gases, vapours and liquids up to 130 °C. The optional universal connection for hygiene adapters ensures reduced installation effort and leaner stock keeping.

Your benefit

  • Convenient wireless setup and diagnostics with smartphone
  • Coloured 360° switching status display, adjustable
  • Easy integration into control systems through IO-Link communication
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Submersible pressure transmitter with ceramic measuring cell

The VEGAWELL 52 is suitable for continuous level measurement of liquids. Typical applications are measurements in water/waste water, deep wells and in the shipbuilding industry. 


High plant availability through integrated overvoltage protection
High reliability through maximum overload and vacuum resistance of the ceramic measuring cell
Versatile use through robust housing and cable design


Measuring-range---Distance 600 m

  • rel. / 0...+0.2 bar (0...+20 kPa)
  • rel. / 0...+0.4 bar (0...+40 kPa)
  • rel. / 0...+1 bar (0...+100 kPa)
  • More on application

Process-temperature -20 ... 80 °C

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Pressure transmitter with ceramic measuring cell

Liquids and gases

The VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitter can be used universally for the measurement of gases, vapours and liquids. Substances such as sand can be handled easily thanks to the abrasion-resistant ceramic measuring cell. The VEGABAR 82 offers maximum reliability. The transmitter can be used in all industries. The simple connection of VEGABAR series 80 sensors as electronic differential pressure opens new possibilities for the measurement of differential pressures. 

  • Low maintenance costs thanks to wear-free ceramic measuring cell
  • High plant availability through maximum overload and vacuum resistance of the ceramic measuring cell
  • Measurement down to the last drop through smallest measuring ranges with high accuracy

Measuring-range---Pressure-1 ... 100 bar
Process-temperature -40 ... 150 °C
Process-pressure -1 ... 100 bar
Accuracy 0.05 %

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