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Float Switches

Level Switches for pump control have been designed for a direct connection to low power pumps or to high power pumps by using a relay. The microswitch inside the level switch tilts when the liquid level rises in pumping stations, tanks or in any other application where the float has been installed. If there is no liquid, the level switch remains in a vertical position, suspended by the electrical cable. When the level rises, the microswitch of the float will tilt and close or break the circuit. See installations diagrams on the left.

Our level switches open or close the pumps’ power supply either directly or through a relay. The switching differential between the low and high level is determined by the distance between the float and the fixation point of the electrical cable. If the float is equipped with an adjustable ballast on cable, then the switching differential is determined by the distance between the ballast and the float (maximum recommended: 1.50m.)

Thanks to the diverse technical specifications of our level switches, you will find in our range the ideal float switch for your single phase pumps and others.

Several types of cable hangers and ballasts are available in option. For more information, see our Accessories section or click on the link below for product options

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The BIP STOP is a small float switch designed for the automatic control of small pumps (until 1.5 CV).

Thanks to its wide switching angle of 110º, the BIP STOP protects the pump's engine and the electrical panels from jerking. This feature is highly appreciated in agitated liquids.

Also, it can detect the both high and low level in the same tank whose hysteresis does not exceed 1.5 meter.

These float level switches are used wherever magnetic level controllers can not be used because of impurities or deposits that may trap the float.

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