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Combustion/Flue Gas

These portable, multifunctional combustion gas analyzers are designed to maximize your combustion efficiency, easily set-up, install, and properly service any residential and/or light commercial boilers and burners. The BTU Combustion Gas Analyzer Series meet and exceed the everyday needs of HVAC Service Professionals. Accurate, compact, rugged, easy to use; these are the ideal solution to monitor your boiler and burner processes.

The E-Instruments combustion gas analyzer measures, displays, stores and prints combustion efficiency, O2, CO, CO2, along with ALL of the necessary temperature, draft, and pressure measurements. Some units are also upgradeable to measure NOx, NO2, and SO2. These combustion gas analyzers also include memory, PC Software, Bluetooth and much more.

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Emissions Analysers

Portable hand-held combustion and emission analyzers increase production efficiency in addition to gathering extremely accurate and reliable data for company analysis. Specifically, applications relate to combustion and emission sources such as boilers, burners, engines, turbines, generators, kilns, dryers, heaters, ovens, just to name a few. Combustion analyzers offer necessary emissions reporting requirements found with the local, district, county, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Emissions monitoring can be done accurately with each analyser in a product line of industrial portable emissions analyzers designed for emissions monitoring. Portable analyzers measuring O2, CO, NOx (NO + NO2), SO2, H2S, CO2, and CxHy hydrocarbons provide emissions monitoring for boilers, engines, burners, and other combustion equipment. Contact Instrumatics for your portable emissions monitoring needs.

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Infra-Red Analyser

The application of our continued research and development has contributed to several major advances in the world of infrared gas sensing and delivered a comprehensive portfolio of products for the detection of CO, CO2, CH4 gases and various refrigerants.

Online Sampling

Edinburgh Instruments introduce the Guardian NG ifrared gas monitor with continuous sampling, measurement and display of CO2 concentrations between 0-3000ppm to 0-100% by volume from low voltage DC supplies in the range of 18-30V. 
Wall-mounted monitors can detect CO2 from sampling points up to 30-meters away, using the integral sampling system.


The Gascard NG infrared sensor has been designed for easy integration into a wide range of gas detection systems.  Product includes high quality, long term stability, repeatability and reliable measurement of various gases.  The Gascard can be customised to measure a range of gases including CO, CO2, CH4 and N2O (to name just a few).  Detection level ranges between 0-500ppm and 0-3% are available.  Features can be attributed to dual wavelength fail-to-safe Infrared (NDIR) sensor technology.

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SmarTox-O Wet Gas Analyser

Purpose built for operating in scrubbed wet gas applications where very high sensitivity and best accuracy are required from an already aggressive sampling environment.  In addition, the product offers specific single gas detection of either Phosphine, Hydrogen Sulphide or Ammonia both Hydrogen Sulphide and Chlorine detectors  are available in our dual gas model.  Each module incorporates sample gas preparation, aspiration and flow control and a linear 4-20 mA analog output signal - proportional to each gas  concentration.

Designed for ease of maintenance at the lowest possible cost.  All high duty components are housed together for servicing as a single assembly.  The end-user may choose either servicing on site by a Canary trained representative or simply retrofit at site using non-technical staff and  a freshly calibrated spare  module.  Such retrofit may be effected in less than 3 minutes. 

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