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Water & Wastewater Treatment

Accurate measurements are paramount for effective wastewater treatment and with fixed and portable monitors available for 24/7 operation, you keep everything under control and flowing freely.  Technology is offered for measurement in every wastewater scenario, from inlet and primary settlement all the way through to effluent discharge and sludge treatment, giving you precise process management.  Wastewater Applications include:
Wastewater Inlet
Primary Settlement Tank
Activated Sludge Plant
Final Settlement Tanks
Tertiary Treatment
Effluent Discharge

With our Drinking Water measurement solutions you can provide clean, clear water whilst saving money and improving efficiency.  The emphasis is on ease-of-use means that process control is not an issue with Partech - multiple signals through a single monitor results in less expensive and a straightforward system that all staff can use.  Potable water applications include:
Intake protection for drinking water
TurbiTechw² LR Turbidity Sensor
UVT-LED – Online UV Transmissivity

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Sludge Blanket Detection Made Easy

The Partech SludgeWatch 715 provides a simple, low cost method of spot checking the sludge blanket level in a wide variety of settlement tanks. The cable reel design removes the need for any additional carrying bag.

The sludge blanket is detected by winding the sensor down into the tank, the audible tone will change and the LED illuminates once the sensor has reached the blanket. This method of sludge blanket detection offer major improvements over traditional SludgeJudge type systems in terms of both repeatability and importantly health and safety – no more manhandling 4 metre tubes full of contaminated wastewater.

The ASLD2200 is a fully automatic sludge blanket level detector designed for the water and waste water industry. It utilises a servo-driven sensor which continually tracks the settled interface with the sensor at the very top of the interface zone.  Infrared sensors are ideally suited to monitoring the sludge/water interface even when the settlement process is not working effectively and the interface has become indistinct.

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Portable Suspended Solids Monitor

The new handheld water quality monitor is a simple, robust and accurate tool for measuring a full set of water quality parameters with a single unit. The 750w² has been designed to expand on the parameters by allowing a suite of interchangeable water quality sensors to be connected via military-grade cable connectors, initially covering Suspended Solids measurements from intake to discharge via the all-important activated sludge process.

The rugged unit has a built-in data recorder for storing a minimum of 500 data points.

The simple to use interface, multiple sensor options and field-ready design makes the new monitor the market leader for on-site monitoring of TSS, Turbidity and Sludge Level.

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Portable Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

Measuring Dissolved Oxygen in Activated Sludge Plants is a vital part of process control, the Polaris 2 makes this an easy, fast and reliable process, allowing users to check process performance and the accuracy of any online instrumentation. The Polaris 2 is also great for monitoring DO in Reservoirs, Rivers, Aquaculture and water treatment process.

The handheld monitor has a large display and an extremely long battery life – many months of normal operation. The system carries out a self-check process every time it is switched on and will carry out calibration of the system at the push of a button. The long standing ability to store the probe dry removes that need for regular probe regeneration and means that the system is ready for use straight from the bag.

The Handy Polaris 2 includes an in built data logger that can store up to 3000 data sets (Dissolved Oxygen, Temp, Date/Time) that can be easily uploaded to the PC via the USB link cable

The Handy Polaris 2 is supplied with a self polarising, galvanic sensor which is self temperature compensating which can be stored dry. There is no need for any maintenance other than wiping the sensor clean after use. The power consumption is exceptionally low, typically providing 1400 hour use from a single 9V battery.
The Handy Polaris 2 comes complete with membrane maintenance kit, USB to PC link cable and carry bag as standard

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UV-Transmittance LED

Online UVT

Monitoring UV-Transmittance is an important part of UV system control. The UVT-LED is the world’s first UV-T monitor to incorporate a UV-C LED light source in place of a conventional mercury lamp. This ensures extremely stable readings in all conditions, over an extended lifetime.

The unique, patent pending design utilises a single lamp and sensor, eliminating drift seen in designs using multiple lamps and sensors. Automatic wiping prevents build-up of fouling in effluent monitoring applications, the wiping action includes an integral calibration check.

With it’s low operating cost, small footprint and ultra long lamp life, UVT-LED is the perfect solution for reliable water testing

Portable UVT

This simple to use handheld unit allows quick and reliable measurements to be taken of UV transmittance, making it easy to adjust the performance of UV treatment systems, to assess water quality and to carry surveying and planning work for new installations.

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